Timely as it is for the Cybersecurity Awareness Month being celebrated globally and by IECEP as well, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Better Access and Connectivity (BEACON) Activity, in partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), recognized its valuable partners which include IECEP for its contributions on the Cybersecurity Proficiency Improvement Training (CPIT) Program.

The USAID BEACON Activity promotes economic growth by improving the Philippines’ access and connectivity securely and transparently to information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart logistics. Leveraging existing innovation and investment in the country, the project helps enhance the Philippines’ digital ecosystem by focusing simultaneously on institutional capacity; policy, regulatory, and process improvements; and underlying systems, infrastructure, and interoperability—all undertaken with intensive private sector and multi-stakeholder engagement.

The successful implementation of Season 1 of the Cybersecurity Proficiency Improvement Training (CPIT) is a testament to the collaboration between the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and USAID’s BEACON Project in strengthening the cybersecurity workforce capacity of the Philippines by helping to increase the number of skilled cybersecurity professionals in the country. The monthly webinar series that aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants on various cybersecurity topics and domains has trained participants through seven episodes on cybersecurity topics ranging from data privacy to incident response.

Dr. Thelma D. Villamorel, PECE, Chief of CIECSMD of the DICT Cybersecurity Bureau, representing Engr. Jose Carlos Reyes, PECE, Director of the Cybersecurity Bureau, graced the opening ceremonies detailing the relationship between USAID and DICT on the CPIT Initiative.
IECEP National President Engr. Lyle Anthony Jowill G. Villas, meanwhile, received the award on behalf of the Institute at Novotel Hotel, Quezon City, which was also attended by IECEP Secretary General Engr. Kris Andrew B. Trinidad and IECEP National Director Engr. Donald M. Lapiguera. President Villas was also part of a Panel Discussion together with partners from DICT Region 4-A and 4-B, the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), the Philippine Cable and Telecommunications Association (PCTA), Wesfardell Connect, Trend Micro, and Kabankalan Community Antenna Television (KCAT) detailing the role of IECEP in expanding the reach of the CPIT initiative across the country.

The CPIT Initiative of the BEACON Project is led by an Electronics Engineer, Engr. Pierre Tito Galla, Cybersecurity Lead for USAID's Beacon Project, and Mr. John Garrity, Chief of Party for USAID's BEACON Project. It could be remembered that an agreement was forged between IECEP and the USAID BEACON during the IECEP Leaders' Summit held last February which was brokered through the efforts of the IECEP Corporate and External Relations Team, chaired by the IECEP Vice President for External Affairs, Engr. Benjz Gerard M. Sevilla. The event also served as the launch of the CPIT Season 2 on which IECEP reaffirmed its commitment and continued support in increasing skilled cybersecurity professionals moreso for our Electronics Engineering professionals on the Cybersecurity Specialization.

Mabuhay IECEP! Cheers!